{What’s Old is New Again}

by: Elizabeth Bloom | June 14, 2014
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A few weeks ago, a customer who I really like, called me in a panic after leaving the store, as she was setting her table. She and her husband had yet to purchase a table for their recently renovated dining room, so they decided to bring their teak outdoor table inside and rent satin linens, as it was an intimate engagement party. Well, with her mix of old and new, the teak and the satin, she was really in a pickle.

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Now, let me mention this is a woman who knows how to entertain, has a flair for the creative and can really pull things together. But when I recommended that she expose the wood? I thought she was going to fall down. What choice did she have? We all know how difficult it is to work with rented satin linens. Look at how beautiful the table turned out. The dichotomy between the natural and the shine, the vintage and the new. The greens against the wood, the crystal alongside the ceramic. Just remember, it all works. More. More. More. Layer. Layer. Layer. Texture. Texture. Texture. Gold AND silver. If you love it – they’ll love it. Have fun and relax. Candles make everything look their best…just make sure they’re ivory.

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