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by: Elizabeth Bloom | March 13, 2015
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So, I know we’re behind the 8 ball with social media, yes, we always are, and I’m starting to take pride in that fact. There’s something quite lovely about being hands on in every way— in the store, in the kitchen, in life…in general. But at this point, we are just considered losers by not keeping up with the Kar…I mean Instagram. We posted a page: home_grownpa on January 1 and I was proud of the fact that we had 44, yes 44 followers until my 10 year year old told me that that “sucked!” So, now I have to “get followers”. How do I do that? Have contests? Beg? Ask you to submit pictures of your gorgeous tables? Help me figure this wide world of social media out and in return, I will continue to help you guys HANDS ON! Once again: home_grownpa. See you there!

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