{The Air is Crisp}

by: Elizabeth Bloom | October 28, 2014
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It is that time of year. Time to home entertain. Time to start making soup. Time to hunker down. As you stare into those overstuffed cabinets and think about what you can finally get rid of, think about what we always say – the good pieces are the right pieces. Or is it the right pieces are the good pieces? Those two lines should be interchangeable if you are doing it right. Pour a glass of wine, stare into those spaces, pull out the good stuff and get to work.

fall bounty Velvet Pumpkins

And, BTW, for those of you who keep inquiring, we are down to just a very few of our beautiful handmade velvet pumpkins. So as you know, it’s now or never (or next year) if you’d like to add them to your fall or holiday tables.

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