{The Bigger the Better}

by: Elizabeth Bloom | June 19, 2014
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So many of you look at our fabulous, oversized cheese boards and comment “I LOVE it but when am I ever going to be able to use that?” And I immediately think of a table covered with itsy, bitsy, little plates scattered about and I cringe. I think of so many times when I’ve been to friends’ homes and there’s a piece of cheese or two on one plate, a few bowls of stuff on another and crackers in something which is supposed to resemble a basket.

IMG_4473       HG2_0354HG2

This time of year, when we’re all doing major casual, yet elegant entertaining, just look at how beautiful everything can look, all together on one big board. Don’t underestimate the presentation of everything together. And remember, when in doubt, there are always big bunches of gorgeous green grapes!

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